The Post-Rock Is Doom(ed). Ordeal & Plight (Review)

Ordeal & Plight has first appeared in 2012 but seemed to failed in presenting their musical intentions in a very visible way. Specifically, it all begun from K desire to start a band and there joined another guitarist, H from Black Horizons; this project sounds like post-rock with black metal influences. Once R (the bassist) showed up, they started working on their first demos.

What are they doing now and how they handle the situation? Well, they try a combination of post-rock with doom metal; two genres you might find odd mixed together, but at a more abstract level, it seems to make sense.

The newest and the only material was released on January 13 and it’s called “Ordeal & Plight”; it has such a nice taste after a first audition. The classic elements of doom are likely absent and there is a lack of severity when speaking about riffs. “Fangs and Debris” and “Lethe” have something unique that make you think about doom. Okay, that’s been clarified. “Lethe” seems to be the most complete and closest to the true meaning of this album. I consider this is the kind of piece you want to start an idea from and not to stop. “Lethe” is the last song. Maybe that’s the reason I left this audition with a pleasant aftertaste. Not saying the other songs are in vain, however there are only post-rock songs, nicely executed, but I didn’t make me wanted to repeat them on and on. To be honest, I would like to hear a second album, more daring and with more visible doom elements.

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