Pollux Io: “Most of My Drawings Were Made While Under the Influence of Drugs”

For Maureen, with love…

Lucian Turcinschi aka Pollux Io (you’ll understand soon what this name stands for) first started For Maureen, with love… blog in order to share his photos and pretty cruel drawings. Let see what he has to say.

Hi! Tell us more about yourself and what leaded you to photography as well as drawing? Why Pollux Io?

Hi ! ” Pollux IO ” because of my zodiac sign – Gemini (Johnny Depp have the same birthday as I ; different years tho’). Born about 27 summers ago, it was soon clear for my parents that I am ”with the head in the clouds” type of kid. Still , that didn’t change.
I guess I’ve always been fascinated by moments and views. A look, the moment when a ladybug open its wings , a raindrop splashing, those kind of artistic stuff… Also, I remember drawing before I could walk. For me is like popping a pimple, not always needed but when must, it must.
Maureen – she is the one who opened my objective.

Your works deals with some very consistent themes. Is it just me who feels aspects of death and mythical subjects? What do you think?

Sure. I started this blog right after my relationship with Maureen ended and somehow bits of the sorrow have speckled my works. ( … )

Most of my drawings were made while under the influence of drugs.

I really admire the dark tones you use and I felt a sensitivity behind them. Do you think it’s important for photographers to know how to deal with human emotions?

Well, thank you! I think is important for each one of us to know how to deal with human emotions but for a photographer it depends. Is useless for someone who snaps cars, for example. For that person would be just a waste of time.

Can be photography seen as a therapy for our daily problems?

Yes. Why and how and where and who is relative. For me photography is therapy.

I saw you have made some cruel, rather creepy illustrations. How was like to draw them and what is the current mood you try to convey?

Most of my drawings were made while under the influence of drugs. Helped by those, I managed to puke out some of the anger and frustrations but not only. I also try to illustrate ideas and theories. There is nothing constant in what I want to do. ( … ) Very rarely.

What part of yourself and personality do you feel is incorporated into your photos?

Me as who I am. Everything else is the manifestation of adapting to this world. Fake, forced.

Your subjects are very dramatic. Can you tell us who are they?

Beside some clay clowns, pedestrians and public places, Maureen and I . 🙂

Who’s your favorite artist at the moment?


Do you ever feel like running away?


The soundtrack to your images so far?

Qntal – Von den Elben

All images: (c) Pollux IO

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