From Poland With Prog.: Eternal Deformity – “No Way Out” (Review)

Poland is a country with such a special charm; looking trough their history you’ll see their courage, they drew attention and sympathy pretty much about all. There’s no sense in asking about extreme metal scene in Poland. Well, that’s where Eternal Deformity comes from, with a well stuck activity from the early 90s. With influences from Opeth, Ihsahn or Arcturus, “No Way Out” is first of all an audition that puts you on guard.


“No Way Out” leaves you from the start the impression that the work was done by an army of artisans, considering the quality of sound, the songs’ alignment, its complexity and the like. The album begins, therefore, with a short and “straight to the point” intro; then you’ll be punch in your senses with “Esoteric Manifesto”, a masterpiece. It opens with an almighty stomp before later swirling in a maelstrom of bombastic keyboards and technical guitar work.

If I were a composer, I’d be pissed off I didn’t have the inspiration to create this my own, if you know what I mean. There is so much subtlety and telling behind all the aggression, but mostly it has lots of instrumental technique. That’s pretty much where it fits the entire album, with few exceptions. “Mothman”, for instance, comes as an interlude of about four minutes, where you end up putting your thoughts back in order. Alright then, the aggressive voice is similar to Ihsahn, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing; if you’re able to do such voice it means you have some capacities heeded. I like the clean voice too, it fits perfectly on what’s required.

It’s interesting to see that wherever you try to frame a Polish metal, you immediately connect it with progressive, prog-death, avant-garde/prog and that says it all. Altogether “No Way Out” is a creation that simply attracts you. It’s worked in details, with many niceties and well-weighed aggressiveness that make you wonder how the hell you haven’t heard of these people earlier.


1. I
2. Esoteric Manifesto
3. Sweet Isolation
4. Reinvented
5. Mothman
6. Mimes, Ghouls And Kings
7. Glacier


Przemysław Smyczek – guitar
Przemysław Kajnat – bass, vocals
Piotr Rokosz – keyboards, vocals
Arkadiusz Szymuś – guitar
Tymoteusz Ciastko – drums

All music written and performed by Eternal Deformity. Recorded at Zed Studio in Poland, “No Way Out” was released on November 18, 2016 at ToT Records . Mixed and mastered by Tomasz Zalewski.

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