Pierre Fudarylí Teases You With A Short Video-Portfolio Called ‘Prelude’

Mexican photographer Pierre Fudarylí released a video which features some of his most iconic works. The brief video portfolio was created in such way that it brings the best of his surrealist-erotic artworks to life. The video was produced by musician and designer Carlos Perucini and it’s called ‘Prelude’. The interesting thing is that it does feel like one. It teases the spectator’s eye in an intense kind of way, while it makes us fall in a deep state of meditation. Paganini’s ‘Violin Sonata 6’ playing in the background and watching a naked woman in flames might contribute in creating this atmosphere.

(C) Pierre Fudaryli
(C) Pierre Fudaryli

Pierre Fudarylí is well-known for his out of this world surrealistic photographs. Digitalized (sometimes even incomplete, torn to pieces) nude women in a neverending connection with nature and the elements of life or death. The ‘heptadimensional’ side of his work is one of the key concepts, according to Fudarylí’s Facebook description:

“The daily geometry of our death, from birth until we cease to die. compose what he calls ‘altered reality of human energy’[…]. His art does not represent things in a two-dimensional way, but hepta-dimensional way, it analyzes all the spatial axes (north, south, east, west, up, down and the point where you are) and freezes a moment of our human supra-reality”.

(C) Pierre Fudaryli
(C) Pierre Fudaryli

More on Fudarylí’s Facebook Page or on his Website

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