Pierce My Skin. The Boldest Beauty Statement

You know what we have’t done yet?! A collection of the weirdest, yet most beutiful piercings or jewels or whatever they are. It’s time to celebrate the ferocity of spirit and experience the exotic essence of facial jewelry.

From Salomè back in ’72 to Givenchy, Chanel, Dries van Noten or Rodarte many photographs were inspired in choosing their subjects nowadays. Whether you’re into them or not, there is no denying this was the boldest beauty statement. Yes, I do believe piercing has gone way too mainstream, but isn’t it all about madness and seduction. And, hell, I’m aroused when seeing these images.

From Salomè back in ’72 to Givenchy

Karlie Kloss in Givenchy String by Angelo Pennetta for Vogue UK

Cleo Cwiek by Jamie Nelson for Tush August 2015

Antonia Wilson by Marcus Ohlsson for Harper’s Bazaar Germany

The industry’s love for piercings reached an apex at (the one and only) Alexander McQueen‘s fall 2016 men’s show in London, featuring models with safety pins through their cheeks. If we’ll have to face it, Alexander McQueen show went pretty heavy on this one. We’ve seen face jewelry before, but nothing like this, all of the models look like they came from a Sex Pistols show. Only the brave will embrace this!

Alexander McQueen’s men’s fall 2016 show in London

Alexander McQueen’s men’s fall 2016 show in London

Ears, noses, lips and cheeks — options of places to pierce seem to be running out — and honestly, the idea is starting to feel a bit played out.

Cleo Cwiek by Jamie Nelson for Tush August 2015

Luke Worrall by Hadar Pitchon for Fiasco Magazine



Clara McNait by Lea Nielsen and Fei Fei Sun by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

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