These Pictures of Romanian Dying Cinema Buildings Will Make You Sick

In Romania people almost forgot about cinema, but this is already old news. It’s easy to Netflix and chill and even easier to Torrent and chill. The few cinema buildings still working are the ones from the malls where people don’t come for the movie. If they do, it’s because 3D or IMAX suit their taste for new and technology.

In the city of Iași, an ex- “European cultural capital” wannabe, the cinema buildings slowly became these big and abandoned concrete corpses, remainings from a golden age of Romanian cinema, cradles of a discreet, juvenile riot against an old political regime that used to suppress the free-speech.

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Looking at these agonizing pictures recently posted on this page shouldn’t make us feel nostalgic, but revolted. Is there something we can do!? That’s rhetorical – of course there is. But do we really want to do something?

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