Romanian Photographer Alex Iacobescu decided to create a series where he re-staged iconic all-time cinema scenes by replacing the movie stars with people known to him. The idea is part of “Acaju ca-n Filme” (Acaju like in the movies), a local event that marks 9 years since Acaju (a local bar) opened its gates.

As a matter of fact, the group of people “playing” the movie characters is nothing else but the bar’s staff itself. In the photo-series you can track scenes from cinematographic gems such as “Amelie”, “Pulp Fiction”, “American Beauty”, “Fight Club” and much more. The re-enactment is flawless and the idea itself is worth our full and unconditioned appreciation. Good job, guys!

All photo credits: Alex Iacobescu. Check Alex’s portfolio for more. Find more about Acaju and their story on Facebook.

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