„People Tend to Find Refuge in Dreams”- Sediment Bruise Interview

Melancholy, riffs and harmonies beams at the music of Sediment Bruise. The music itself becomes really touching and poetic. We get under the fingernails of Michael to find out more about their music and what lies ahead for them…

How did Sediment Bruise form?

It all begun in Thessaloniki, Greece, when Nick and Mikelantzelo Nikolaidis decided to form a band along with Nick’s classmate and, currently, singer of the band Vag Mood, in order to express their music style and influence.

You write about what you know and some of the lyrics seem so personal. Where do you find your inspiration?

We draw inspiration from our everyday lives and experiences but also with what is going on in a global range, for example financial crisis, the rise of extremist all over the world, people voting what sounds loud and not prudent etc.

How would you describe your style, when Sigur Ros, Arcade Fire or Joy Division are some of your influences?

The style of the band is determined by the fact that influences differ from one band member to another. As a result, the musical outcome sounds unique and with a rare artistic fashion.

Despite its name „A new disease” sounds dreamy and has a strong atmospheric instrumentation. What message or feeling do you want to convey?

People tend to find refuge in dreams, but there is so much going on these days that if you simply choose to ignore, it will strike you back like a hurricane. I believe that this is the main message of „A new disease” and the reason behind its contradictory nature.

Sediment Bruise figuratively means „the remains of a tragic event in a man’s soul”. While your music and its meaning is likely sad, I often find a joy in listening to your powerful lyrics. How do you explain this?

I suppose it is the very nature of life. Life is not a straight line. There are high and low points. We, Sediment Bruise, embrace and celebrate both. And transform them into music, hoping to bring joy to those who listen.

Sediment Bruise live in Athens

Are there any interesting stories you can give from touring?

We once gigged in a camping festival, but the event organizer missed to inform us that the camp was not operational for the past 20 years. As a result, we couldn’t use the camp’s bath or lavatory for three consecutive days. The gig was great though!

There aren’t rules in music. How open is Greece to this and to indie post-rock music?

Quite open! These days is much better than 20 years ago. But the hosterity crisis our country is facing, doesn’t allow indie post-rock music to flourish!

What would be your dream festival to headline?

Glastonbury, Coachella, Reading, Exit…and feel free to enrich the list!!!

Given the current state of politics, would you like to embody that as an influence to your lyrics?

Sure! As previously mentioned, the current state of politics affects us all and is one of the main influences to us when we compose lyrics for our tracks.

What have been some of the highlights for the band?

Definitely our gigs in the UK and the cooperation with Clive Martin, who acted as the 7th member of the band and marked the band’s sound with his unique stamp, managing to deliver an excellent artistic outcome.

Why do you think you all get along so well together?

We love making music and we share the same passion and determination to serve the song and not our ego.

What other things do you like to do for fun?

We are not so different. Common things. Listening to good music. Drinking beer. Watching football and sports in general.

What are the plans for Sediment Bruise now? New material? Further live dates?

At the moment we are working with new material, which we plan to record later this year. Concerning further gig dates, we are planning an EU tour. So stay tuned!

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