Journalistic Workshop Participants made a magazine that’ll blow you mind!

The micro-magazine represents the result of 4 hours of good and funny time (or at least that’s what I want to believe!), of theory more ore less relevant, on-field research and on the scene article writing, some bier and ten minutes of colorful powder fight. An ad hoc, funny, unconventional editorial board, built in the middle of Street Delivery Iasi 2014 events.

Read the first Cultartes Magazine on ISSUU

The real proof that we’re able to handle things and create nice works even if not by following the plan we’ve made at home. You don’t have to agree with what’s written between these few pages. You don’t even have to read’em. But if you do it, no matter how good you think this is, you should respect the way the magazine appeared and the girls’ subjective, uncensored opinions you’ll find in it!

Bon appétit!

Photo: Cultartes

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Romanian self-taught writer, based in Cyprus, interested in contemporary art, unconventional culture and gonzo journalism. Writing for almost a decade, he is agnostic, supports a censorship-free society and reads way less than he wants.

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