Oxana Lasco (Kohananeptune) Is The Crazy Rebel Against The System

Oxana Lasco (Kohananeptune) is the lemon from the lemonade. She’s the cock from the cocktail; almost overly sweet in person, and then she can switch into these characters when she is modeling. Intrigued by the power of images and the pureness of the human body, her work is beautifully frustrating. It’s like she’s trying to investigate the nature of sexuality, love and identity. The so called “the rebel against the system”.

Her work reminds me so much of Helmut Newton. The Moldavian artist seems not to be attracted by agressive eroticism, but prefers the subtle and creative seduction, that still leaves room for your own phantasy and scores with more elegance. While in Athens, she’s living la vida locca.


When I asked her what Kohana means, she said: “Kohana comes from the Ucrainian Love”. Oxana is also fascinated about poetry. Here you have a dark poem she wrote while in the subway. [RO only]

“Suflete false,
Cerul s-a innegrit
Scrie in sanscrit.
Cadavre vii,
Cu sange fabricat.
Zambet stricat.
Viermii fericiti,
Sa traiti!”

“What about me? It’s all about you.” She’s right, it’s about me. The way she made me think about “nude vs naked art”, the woman transformation into a so fascinating and seductive monster, with a devastating power. I can’t reffer to a woman than truly pure, unaltered, with no makeup, represented only by beauty, courage and freedom. A woman you’ll end up falling in love with.

All images  (c) KohanaNeptune

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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my Chinese eyes. I love romance. Cartoons and music. Cultartes. Hate fish roe. From the bottom of my heart.

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