OPEN CALL: To all people around the world!

We all know that 2016 was a political mess on a global scale. Not forgetting, but leaving ISIS aside, for the moment, last year started a process of chaos which “happily” continues in 2017, turning many people’s lives upside down.

So what happened in 2016 exactly? Lets take it from the beginning. The year started with Zika virus outbreak. Then, North Korea launched a long-range rocket into space followed by the International Criminal Court which found the former Congolese Vice President guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

On March 22 there were three coordinated bombings in Brussels which killed at least 32 people and on 24th o the same month a suicide blast in Glushan-e-igbal Park, Lahore killed 75 people.


Right after April fools the clash between Armenian and Azerbaijani military killed at least 100 people. The next day, 3th of april, ICIJ and the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung published a set of 11.5 million confidential documents from Panama’s corporate Mossack Fonseca which provided detailed information on more than 214.000 offshore companies, including the identities of notable personalities around the world.

In June, Brexit angered everyone, even if only after it people begun searching on Google about what Brexit and EU actually are and in July was the Turkish coup. On the 9th of September North Korea does the largest nuclear test.

And we can’t possibly forget about Trump winning, either.


Romania doesn’t stand well either, but actually conforms to the series of events stated here. After #colectiv and the 64 deaths it brought, the political party hated by most, PSD, won the legislative election because of the unlettered, poor and brainwashed people in this country which rely on their communist delusions.

This happened because the media in Romania is an absolute PRO at misinformation (which would bring us to another scandal) and because our educational and medical system are (and I am complimenting them here) disasters, especially in rural areas, which leaves citizens with the hope and security of what they’ve known for years. Communism gave them homes, so why not still be on their side? They cannot have a more enlightened opinion, because they have no idea that they could, they value “security” over liberty, because they are living on the edge of survival and if you are dying of hunger, you’d rather eat meat from a killer’s hand than read a book to learn how to cook (considering the fact that somewhere around half of Romanians simply do not understand what they read).

Lately more than 100.000 Romanians went out protesting against a law which would grant immunity to corrupted individuals. As an example, for short (this law was approved last night, but it takes 10 days for it to take effect) if this law will take effect, the people responsible for the Colectiv deaths, will be free.


Romanian protests

Now, I’ve talked enough about the ways in which global leaders are having fun. I don’t want to discuss politics, I want to talk to you!

I have a message for you, an OPEN CALL to ALL PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. We have been bewitched by consumerism and religion, by the pressure of taxes and bills, by being enslaved with being too comfortable in our little insignificant bubbles. We have been pinned down by elders living in the past and some of us are the kids born on the afters of a revolution (which was actually a coup).

We kept our mouth shut and are trying to do our own thing, we are trying to change everything. We are fighting with everyone who plays the history’s script and never ever learns from it. We are poor, we live on the minimum wage even if our talents, skills and abilities should grant us at least a decent living.


We are victims of manipulation and some, unfortunately of war and crime, take Gaza, take Syria as examples. We are being torn apart by worry and an illusion helplessness. We are frozen in fear and the news don’t help with it! People die in hospitals, the suicide rates are growing globally. We are being torn apart by nationalism and borders, when we are people. We are not americans, brits, russians, gypsies, prostitutes, niggers, gays, we are just people, just another animal species.

Most of us are too young (and open-minded) to find any justice in what is happening, banning abortion, in denying people’s rights for their beliefs, their sexual orientation, their nationality or even if they are illegal immigrants or not.

Everyone wants to run away if we are all turned against each other. Culture doesn’t prosper, the commercial does and the commercial will always manipulate. Artists do not exist unless they sell for millions, because all which matters in the world are the money.


(c) Colțeanu Matei Vladimir

Our substance is being stolen, stepped on, spitted on, in the favor of what sells. People sell, sex sells, drugs sell, churches sell and war is the best business there is.

So I am asking you and I am here to support you. If you want for culture to prosper, for your future children to afford to be educated and healthy, to afford to pursue other things than an 8 hour office job (hell we don’t even get those! Not most of the time!), to afford to have a career in art, cinematography, music, writing and any other creative or new field which we desperately need for evolution. If you want to be able to see the world, if you want others to be able to see the world, if you think we all have the right to live the way we choose as long as we don’t do harm – revolve against the system you live in.

It does not matter if you protest or choose to recycle, if you quit your job to pursue your dreams. If you run away from your country because you are desperate, it does not matter if you are not killing yourself with over-studying and actually experiment with what is happening in the world. It does not matter if you enjoy a gang-bang, neither if you believe in god or not. It does not matter if you give a few pennies to the homeless, if you make donations. It has absolutely no relevance what you do, as long as you do it to change the system, to change yourself in order to live in a better world. There is no wrong way to fight, as long as there is as little bloodshed as possible. Fight with what you have, with what you can, with what you afford, with what you are best at, but fight along with others who seek change, fight as long as you live. Fight to live, not to exist, not to just survive.


(c) Gina Buliga

Things are in the end, pretty simple. Earth is our home and if you don’t clean your house periodically, the food will rot and bugs will disturb and you will not be able to live there anymore. If you don’t take care of yourself, if you don’t improve yourself, you will not be able to take care of that home, so please, remember:

Absolutely no one rules if no one obeys.

Have the courage to disobey and you will be surprised how many will follow!

PS: No photographs belong to me, or to Cultartes.

(c) To whom made them, some are stated here, some are unknown.

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