ONREPEATTT: Regular Doses of Dirty and Raw Photos

Onrepeattt is a London-based project representing, among many other things, nude neonish photography. Everything is up to the photographer’s choice, you’ll have the chance to submit your kinky, fetish-like photos and João Oliveira will publish them on his website. João is a Portuguese multidisciplinary creative, specialized on Art Direction and Visual Design, passionate with typography and neon lights. His work has been featured in numerous magazines, books and exhibitions and he has been named one of the “20 brilliant young designers to watch in 2013” by Creative Bloq. Over the years he had had the pleasure to work with brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Kiss TV, Vodafone, Optimus and TMN, among others.

I frankly don’t want to see how the real photos look like, it’s just so mesmerizing and refreshing to see what he can do through this neon effect. 


João successfully creates moving scenarios, doing such of an outstanding job. I feel like he’s different from any other nude photographer I’ve seen lately; his photos are so nice to watch, without offending some nipples/pussies haters. Or I could be just wrong, haters gonna hate after all. It has that feminine touch and with the use of color he transforms some numb, poor photos into dream-like pieces. You’ll stare, you’ll be hypnotized!

All photos: (c) ONREPEATTT

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