‘Obscur’, Underground Adult Themed Movie Calls for Actor/Actress

Obscur“, in-progress self-entitled ‘underground dissident movie’ is currently looking for an actor or an actress. The project is directed and produced by Romanian filmmaker, photographer and philosopher Paul Ștefănescu (aka Tony Red), whom I interviewed for Cultartes Magazine few months ago.

The new movie plot: “Obscur it is a one hour long film about a chance meet between an immortal suicidal man and a paranoiac raped woman. Each one trying to use the other into fulfilling their existential, life-threading need to give meaning to an obligatory existence. A Mare appears to disturb and brake open their obsessed hearts.”

The motion picture will be launched under Qualiafilm‘s name, the videoart project initiated by Paul in 2008 through photography, video, film and performances. The Romanian filmmaker, currently living in Berlin, Germany, is probably one the fewest truly open-minded local performers. He’s not only involving himself as a whole in each one of his projects, but he also transcends the obvious sexual ideas, seeing porn as a philosophic concept, and nudity as naked poetry. “Porn can be considered an art. Seeing is extremely powerful. Seeing that things aren’t mythical or magical, but simple and beautifully normal”, he explained in the last interview.

(c) Qualiafilm

(c) Qualiafilm

If you’re an actor and you want to be part of the upcoming Obscur movie, contact the filmmaker here.

See more projects of Qualiafilm: Beings (2015), Sleep Awake (2012)

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