Obie Platon’s ‘Humanutopia’ Exposes the Flaws of Contemporary Society

Obie Platon is a Romanian visual artist whose murals, canvases, sculptures and installations give you a one-way ticket to Illuminati-ville. He mixes in an original manner the platonic philosophy and geometry with the local popular imagery and beliefs in order to reveal the human moral skeleton in all its negative splendor.

The new project called ‘Humanutopia‘ is a painting series of fictional portraits of diverse human typologies created in order to expose the contemporary society, its imperfections and vulnerabilities. The premise of the exhibition is that man lives in an ‘aquarium reality’ which limits human’s spiritual evolution, a derisory camouflage which only pretends to hide behind social masks the human weakness. The artist thinks that “the solution for survival is the faith in utopia – a credible future world, yet impossible to achieve”.

(c) Obie Platon - Autocontrol
(c) Obie Platon – Autocontrol

“The human attraction towards what cannot exist, the intangible, placing aspirations in a distant and improbable future, deceiving and at the same time comforting, is presented in parallel with a secret imperceptible reality, where the social roles are controlled and assigned”, the artist explains. “The characters are depicted wearing the reordained masks yet discreetly capture the essence behind the appearance. Thus, the mysteries and conspiracies of the present are revealed to the audience in a collection of works created in the technique of classical oil painting, but filled with contemporary symbols and elements.”

(c) Obie Platon - Contemporary War
(c) Obie Platon – Contemporary War

Obie Platon’s ‘Humanutopia’ exhibition can be visited from January 13th to 28th, 2016, Monday-Friday, 10 am – 5 pm, at the Constantin Brâncuși Hall (Palace of Parliment, Bucharest, Romania).

Find more about Obie Platon on his website and Facebook.

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