Oana Barbonie’s Collages Are Based Around a Chaotic, Sci-Fi Like Approach to Portraiture

I’ve been noticing that my Facebook news feed has been jam-packed with awesome collage work lately, Oana Barbonie being one of the people I found responsible for. Not quite sure from where to start when trying to describe Oana’s work and what her hobbies suggest. But is there a thing she can’t do? I couldn’t figure it out yet! Bucharest-based, she writes novels, poems and letters, she reads and loves Anthony Hopkins movies; yet I’m more focused on this collage thing now and I do reckon it’s not something I’m familiar with. Oana’s collage work is based around an unusual, rather sci-fi like approach to portraiture. Digging deeper, her idea of creating collages first started from an inner rebellion she’s trying to understand.


I always tend to take refuge in a quiet place, me and myself.

If there’s one artist Oana Barbonie reminds me of, is Kieron Cropper (CUR3ES). It feels like they both embrace chaos and have this repertoire ranges from fields like reinvented women, vegetables, sculptures or famous paintings. A feast of shapes and colors, if you will! I admire the accessibility of her work, it’s a beautiful, charming feeling of freedom she’s playing with.

All images: (c) Oana Barbonie

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