Normotone – Hiraeth (CD UPR 028). Or About the Hornification of Your Senses.

So, I was looking for something different to listen to. I felt a metal saturation lately. No problem, I will get back as soon as I will taste something with strong flavours. Meanwhile, I discovered a project that combines electronic music with industrial and cold-wave with folk in a style that aroused my sympathy and my attention in all of my ending nerves of the senses.

I searched to see who’s behind this spectacle of states.  So, I came across something interesting on the artist Facebook page. He says, referring to this album: “I just want to mention that my work is entirely based on memories, altered moods and sort of melancholia. The Baudelaire‘s quote “Anywhere out of the world” sums up by itself my attempt to describe my thoughts.” I think this says a lot about the music you’re going to discover on Hiraeth.

You feel your thoughts tightened; your memory caught as a cloud moves in all the directions on a bright sky and you’re not capable of seeing. On the cerebral vault it creates some images and you start to wonder if you’re watching a film where all of your synapses make love. Nay, sex. Nay, love.  It’s like a game where you feel excited at so many levels, that you can’t stop thinking where these feelings were by now.  

I can’t speak about a particular song, it is pointless. It’s like breaking a chain that binds you, but not in anguish, but in a monumental hug.

I think Hiraeth is the kind of album that can change your perception of music, of you. And the fact that each song has its freestanding story can’t hurt or ruin the harmony and the overall mood.

There is a series of interesting collaborations that come with a plus. I guess every feature should sound like this. So, we have Black Egg, Sonic Area, Corina Nenuphar and Thomas ‘Lysis’ Brunaux. And if these names don’t say too much, as immediately as you enter in this memorial-sensitive-musical world of Normotone, you’ll know exactly what I meant.

Although many have been said, still listening, I have the feeling I said too few.

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