New Creature Of Metal: Créatures – “Le Noir Village” (Review)

CRÉATURES is a solo musical project of horror metal formed in 2008 by Sparda (Hanternoz). The band makes use of several atypical instruments (Theremin, church organ, piano, trumpet and violin) and blends various musical styles including Black, Symphonic, Death and Doom Metal as well as Ambient music.

“Le Noir Village” it is a theme album who tells the story of a twelfth-century countryside village getting attacked by terrifying monsters. As in opera, all the characters of the tale are being enacted by different singers who are first person narrators to help the music tell the story. This “theater” is actually an attempt of artistic expression that was tried several times in metal music and here we can mention about Arcturus, Tartaros or a softer version, Dirty Granny Tales. Créatures is not a new project, but maybe an inexperienced one. Well, this detail feels on some level. The music in all its forms and interpretation is art and we know art, among other things, must have a pulse, it should make you shudder, to train your feelings in a way or another. Or maybe it’s just me, too insensitive for this kind of metal. However, the act itself, as a head to toe song, “Le Noir Village” is very nicely built; there is a lot of quality. “À L’orée Du Mal, Le Pacte Interdit” is the song that caught my attention in a very surprising way, it seems quite different and dolled up.

As a special fact, the album comes in a 16-page booklet digipack containing a painting and six medieval-inspired drawings made specifically for this release.


L’Horreur des Lunes Pleines
Cadavre abandonné
Martyre d’un Tanneur
À l’orée du Mal, le Pacte interdit
Il était un Monstre assoiffé de Cœur
Sous le Visage avenant de la Mort

RELEASE DATE: October 25th 2016

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