Fresh on Cultartes! Listen to The New Navy Blue’s Single ‘Alice’

Navy Blue is more than a recent project. They even released a single. Alice. And if you think about Alice in Wonderland, well, you’re not that far from the truth. It’s a musical journey with lot of intrigue and interesting passages. I would have like to listen to more and more of it. That’s what we have for the moment. But it’s nice to detach from the usual ones and to give obedience to these kinds of stories.

Good. Navy Blue! What’s with these guys? First of all, we have in front of us a project that makes you walk through a combinations of genres, post-rock, indie and left you somewhere to alternative. Hmm! I’ve heard of that kind of bands. Well, yes, but how would sound if they will tell you they are actually a combination of Deftones, Karnivool, Tool and Caspian. Now this is something else.

In addition, neither they praise or make any exaggeration out of it. If you listen to Alice, you will really run away with your memory through this series of bands I’ve mentioned above. More what is there to say? Ah, yes. This project started in 2014 following the collaboration of Andrew Gillespie, Jackson Jones, Lewis Rainford and Tyler Van Der Schaaf.

In another train of thoughts, in a world full of stories, I wait for Navy Blue’s music to shroud the same mix of delight, more and more of them. It really caught me well this audition, with all its slightly melancholic air, feeling a refreshing boost for the rest of the day.

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