N.K.R.T or Pre-Christian Rituals in Shades of Black

N.K.R.T is Frater Stéphane‘s project and it’s a combination of ritual music and some ambient black-metal. The atmosphere created with instruments made of bones, animal skulls, stone or clay, is one that places you in an emotional difficulty. Next to traditional instruments meaning drums, guitars or the like, are brought to our attention Tibetan instruments such as: dril bu (bells), ra dong (horn), role mo (cymbals). In a perfect completion in the background is placed a choir that make you consider about Sunday religious ceremony, but somehow in a different landscape, in a different world, one with dark clouds and ruled by other Gods. The stranger the more pleasant, it makes you discover hidden feelings and fears. On a late autumn, with dense raining and crumbly light in your windows, Stéphane’s music is such an intense experience.

N.K.R.T music intended as a kind of syncretism between the black metal, liturgic and chamanic ritualistic worlds.

As musical approach it’s pretty hard to fit it somewhere, there are elements of drone, black metal, ambient, so you kind of get the idea where this project is placed. To be more specific, it’s a combination of Burzum and Gregorian with vocal inflections drawn from Inuit, Tibetan or Mongolian traditional music. Texts are written exclusively in Latin, which falls into a logic out here. I’ve always been attracted to church choirs and music related to; I can honestly say I was caught by this musical gimmick and even find its purpose in my being.

There are some live recordings, framed in three albums, namely ‘Niger Ritus’ (the recent one), ‘Publicis Ceremoniae’ and ‘Solstitium’, a collaboration between N.K.R.T and Clairière. You can find the project on Bandcamp.

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