MUTUAL / Lupu Marius x Carmen (Exclusive)

Known fact: always a joy for Marius Lupu to present some of the most delicate female features. Both color and black and white photographs, Marius let you decide what images to love and might as well encourage to take some shoots yourself.

The series is titled MUTUAL, so it’s pretty clear this is something that goes both way, they both feel the same about this photoshoot. At least, this is my explanation.

Shot with a Canon 1100-50mm 1.4, I find Marius’s images as provocative and raw as always. His photographic signature is already something to be aware of, he uses light, shadows or creative expressions to bring out the beauty of his subjects and human body.

 All photos credits: Lupu Marius

 Model: Carmen Nicolae

Follow his works on: Behance | Facebook | Instagram 

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