Music 4 X-Mas; The Unconventional Mode Activated

I don’t know what’s the trick about this but many musical artists, at least the ones I know, consider to release their albums on Christmas Eve or even on Christmas Day. Is it weird or what? Well, I thought to throw on the tray some of this cool steaming materials. Be careful, not to be consider a top because I don’t try to give any award at all. The order the projects are presented is purely random. That being said, take it with bread! 

Hectic Sun“Hectic Sun”

These guys have risen over Polish lands, were, as I said it once, somewhere, strange things happen yet in the most positive way.

Hectic Sun was founded in 2010 in Rzeszow by Konrad Sobanski (guitar) and Zbigniew Czyz (drums). Soon, the band was joined by Arthur Zedanja (bass). In this configuration, the band began working on new material. The assumption was simple – no assumptions … and exploration of common musical interests within the progressive and experimental music. The final character crystallized when the band was joined in 2012 by Artur Morman (synth). In 2015 were chanded a members of the band, because Artur Zedanja ( bass ) and Artur Morman ( synths & fx ) left the band. Piotr Jaskółka join as bass player and Sebastian Sikora as vocalist. Hectic Sun style is difficult to define. The band fluctuates around post metal spaces, heavy impact and progressive musical experiment. 

…and this is a small sample:

You can find this cool guys on: Bandcamp/Soundcloud/Facebook 

Dire Fate“…Where Undead Once Were”

Next on our list of X-mas music are some very angry boys, in a very classic way, and I’m saying that because Dire Fate is a doom metal project, with slow and deep riffs. Normally, you don’t expect that such specific sounds to come just from the kangaroo’s country, Australia. Initially, Dire Fate was a one-man project but now, on this first full-lenght, the band is formed from 3 members. And they are: 

Phillip D. Atropos – Guitar and vocals
Alexander P. Atropos – Drums
Shayne J. – Guitar

Well, dude, you can listen “…Where Undead Once Were” just right here

UR“Hail Death” *

What did I just told you about the fucking Poland? This people are just too full of inspiration or some sort of divine grace or shit. Personally I declare myself a big fan nation, not only musically, so to speak. UR is a brand new project which combines some aggressive styles, but all of them are affected by a certain harmony. After all, isn’t this all about when we talk about Christmas? Harmony, my friend, just some brutal harmony!

I felt seduced especially by the track number 4, “Total Inertia”, but the whole album has something special who worth to be listen. And for that bend your ear here.

*This album is an “extra” because it was released on 15th December, but he drew our attention, so, this is it.

The Forgotten“The Forgotten”

Let’s settle down a little! The Forgotten is a project with a Nordic air but with a sound just a little syrupy, enough to raise awareness of the woman next to you. And we know that you’re a slick looking for some good sex in this day of celebration. I don’t want to lengthen talking, better to strengthen with music, if you know what I mean, and you know, you… sinner! 

Here you go: “The Forgotten” 


Cover photo credit: (c) Nastia Coutier-Ignatiev

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