When Music Has No Boundaries. Interview With Daniel Neagoe (Clouds, Eye Of Solitude)

Daniel Neagoe is a special character in this somehow dark landscape of music. He left Romania a while ago, but because of his projects he managed to overcome some boundaries of understanding through pure sincerity and a strong, powerful feeling. We are talking about underground music, but you’ll se bands such as Clouds, Eye of Solitude or Shape of Despair are true revelations.

Baldo, Cultartes: Hello! You have left Romania a while ago, do you still have any kind of feelings for this country? Or do you feel bounded by anything?

Daniel: Hi, I left Romania about 10 years ago. I guess I’ll always have a strong bond with my birth country.
It wasn’t easy at first, but gradually I grew to like my new environment, it’s not all doom and gloom. For what it is, a move to another country is preceded by factors that influence the decision to leave on the first place. And I am no exception. I just started building a life in a different place where I can have the possibilities and facilities to make music. That was the main reason I’ve left.

What would make you come back to Romania?

I’m not sure anything will ever change in Romania. But probably the thought of one day living in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere with as little human contact as possible is quite appealing. And in Romania that can be quite doable. Otherwise… Nothing.

Why “Doliu” and why “Departe”, both words with a very profound meaning. Is there a relevance between these words and your inner space or is it just a way of advertising?

Advertising is probably the very last thing from a very large list of things that define Clouds. I’ll be totally honest, Clouds was never meant to go as far as it did. It was supposed to have an album released and then forget about it. As I previously revealed online, Clouds is a very personal project and as a personal and intimate thing I wouldn’t want to go far up in detail. Let’s just leave it on a personal sort of term.

I don’t know if it’s valid for other nations, but once left the Romanian people suffer a peculiar kind of regret that may seem like a deeply and continuously moan. And this immediately becomes art; a tragic art and here I can mention about Emil Cioran, Paul Celan or Sergiu Celibidache. Do you believe you’re into this tragic and longing game if we’re considering about your music?

Absolutely not. I could live in a carton box with a bottle of water and half a bread per day and it wouldn’t matter what country I live in. I was never into debating philosophy nor I take any interest in it. We’d probably need a few good dozen pages in here to start talking about this and I think that whatever happens in life is an individual’s succession of decisions and there’s no need to moan about it.

Have you ever thought about creating a material inspired by a Romanian literary work (let’s mention Dante’s “Inferno” is the leitmotif of Eye of Solitude)?


Photo by (c) Miluta Flueras

Do you think this depressive music can be seen as a cure for those who really suffer of depression? Is this a wake up call or it rather aims to deepen this state?

Fight fire with fire they say. Others might just be masochists. Me being one of the later. I never wanted to instigate to depression and depression in all its form and splendour is in fact an atrocious state of mind. Some however linger in this state and see it as the bittersweet pill which eases the affliction. Others just stay with it and that’s pretty much it. No philosophy behind that.

Many consider those who interpret funeral doom or depressive/suicidal black metal are some cold, extremely affected and unhappy human beings. Tell us, please, how an ordinary day looks like for you and what shape does happiness have in your vision?

That is in fact true. The stigmatism is quite inevitable. Sometimes it’s justified however. Some of the people who write this music are indeed miserable and this is purely how they are. For them this is a way of life, they can’t get past this state for whatever reasons. So live and let live.
I myself am a sociable character who will enjoy open minded and like minded people.
Happiness…I guess some people are happy being who they are with all the goods and the bads. Others will be unhappy by nature and that can’t be helped unfortunately. For me happiness is having my family and being able to create my music.

What was the first extreme music tape you’ve had? Did you enjoyed it?

Autopsy – Acts Of Unspeakable. Damn right I enjoyed it. (laughing)

You are a very productive artist in this metal scene, you’ve recently released a super catchy album with your God Eat God project. Tell us more about his one and about the debut album “Abandonment”! What message do you want to convey? I see this album becoming a symbol for death/doom atmospheric metal, um, very MyDyingBride-ish, I’d say.

God Eat God is a project I am participating on as a guitarist. Unfortunately you’d have to interview Anton Rosa for this.

Will “Departe” be seen as an ode to the removal of everything that’s familiar to you, of what it’s called home, the place you were happy?

It is actually symbolising a different thing. “Departe” is literally “far away” but it relates to the soul. It is in fact a continuation for “Doliu”, which in this case can be interpreted as empty. What’s left after the emotional devastation. That’s all I can say for now.

Do you strictly look for inspiration in your own experiences or are there any another things that inspire you, let’s say some places, books…

People are going to hate me for saying this but I don’t look for inspiration. It’s more of the other way around.

How do your God looks like?


Do you think we have a predetermined destiny toward which we’re heading regardless of the paths chosen?

Yes, I’m one of those who agree with this statement. It’s happening to me at least and I totally back this statement.

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