Model Gets Internet Treatment After Series of Cliché Posts on Facebook

Much quote, very art! Apparently the good looks and having thousands of followers don’t suddenly turn you into a buddhist wise man, nor give you protection from being hardcore trolled on Internet. A Romanian popular photographer, model and fashionista started a trend of posting already known quotes on Facebook, then print-screened them, applied them on profound-ish, wannabe wallpapers and reposted. A digital, pop-art kind of thing. The first one is legit.

"When everything changes, it changes everything!"

“When everything changes, change everything!”

She would’ve probably got away with it, but some of the quotes were way too truistic not to tickle the Internet haterz’ inspiration. The troll remake posts are in Romanian, and some of you might find them rude. Frankly, I think she’s really good at what she does, but she should stick to being pretty.

"I think I'll just stick to photography"

“I think I’ll just stick to photography”

"One does not live if one dies"

“One does not live if one dies”

"Who the fuck hit the 'dislike' button!?"

“Who the fuck hit the ‘dislike’ button!?”

"I love you. You got nice ass!"

“I love you. You got nice ass!”

"What if sand is actually lots of small stones"

“What if sand are actually lots of small stones”

"If you wank for 7 minutes, you're not doing it right"

“If you wank for 7 minutes, you’re not doing it right”

"You need to succeed in order to succeed"

“You need to succeed in order to succeed”

I’m not sure if she knows about the whole trolling yet (since she keeps posting!), but I think somebody should give her a heads up. Or maybe she just doesn’t care, who knows!?

Credits: Most of pics from Ionut Vlad

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