Methadone Skies – Eclectic Electric (Review)

I really like everything about what we face here. It’s a project that abounds personality. From the band’s name, to the album and to the framed music in 5 parts, one more complete than another with a cool air, but in the most attractive way, that arouses envy. It is a material that once you start listening to; it captures you through the variation of genres that moves by its sound. To come back to what I said above, Eclectic Electric is an album that fixes its hair while you give him the due attention.

On the same note, somehow conceited, it seems that the featuring’s were also chosen for this material. Well, we have, on Dichotomy Equity, collaboration with Edmond Karban from Dordeduh and I think that says enough. Another aspect that says as much is the collaboration, on Tatabong ,with Davide Straccione from Zippo and Shores Of Null.

I find very inspiring the song chosen to give the material title. I see it as a sort of introduction, an initiation, in what follows to try on, on the remaining parts. Furthermore, it has a passage that doesn’t let you move on, it holds you and you just repeat the songs obsessively. It’s like an excerpt from a book that doesn’t let you move to the next chapter until you squeeze the entire essence, and you touch it waiting for a response.

I had to pass, however, further. And that’s because you can’t let yourself prey to curiosity, when you feel that something good is preparing. It’s interesting that the album doesn’t give you the opportunity to favoritism, each song has a unique story as a musical approach, as a feeling, as a whole. Therefore, I can’t say I have a favorite song, after listening Eclectic Electric head to tail. Yes, initially, I pressed the repeat button on the song with Hupogrammos, Dichotomic Equity.

Yeah, yeah, I’m going to give more details about the band, album and all that. Why all the rush?

So, Eclectic Electric is the work product (although I think it sounds better a creative process; work sounds too much of a turnery), which began in March and took shape (it may sound depressing to say that ended) in November of 2014. It was mixed, mastered, dressed and all the necessary things to a pro product, to Consonance Studio, cosmetics were made by Edmond Karban and Cristian Popescu. The artwork was created by Stonino Bosco.

Methadone Skies are:

Wehry – guitar, mandola
Casi – guitar, saz baglama
Mihai – bass

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