Célia Schouteden is a young photographer based in Belgium, studying Psychology at her hometown university. Analog photography has become now part of her life, finding this process unpredictable and poetic. And now would be the time to realize why Dead Poets Society is one of her all-time favorite movies; you’ll get that dreamy, different perspective of emotions. As a mental illnesses survivor, that’s her way of telling the world to keep on creating amazing, surreal things; she uses light as the perfect description for the intimate relationship between the outside world and her feelings regarding her anxiety. The images become softer and softer the closer you look, noticing the warm tones, the white, fairy-like dresses and the feeling of home.

Suffering from mental illnesses such as anxiety and cyclothymia (which is a milder form of bipolar disorder) I find it essential to share those issues with the world because there is still such a strong stigma.

All images: (c) Célia Schouteden



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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my Chinese eyes. Hate fish roe. From the bottom of my heart.