Matthew Levin. Aesthetics of Fearfulness.

Fear? No. Repulsion? Not really. Disgust? Not at all. What I feel, when I am looking at this kind of works? Well, if I had to make a joke, I must say, a back pain. You will see why! But now, seriously, I see this kind of sculpture part of the landscape of my home. Like a bad rocker that I am! hehe. Ok, back to seriousness.

Matthew Levin is a sculptor, creature and character designer. This is what he said. “Mr Levin’s portraiture is both quirky and mesmerizing. Each of his little sculptural sketches becomes a three-dimensional snapshot of the bizarre. Just as the eyes in a classical portrait are meant to “follow” you through the room, so will these disquieting Homunculi.” And this is what Guillermo del Toro said. Now, you do the math!

What can you say more about some sort of creatures with glistening skin stretching over elongated bones and folding over protruding ribs? You tell me.

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