Mass Spanking Protest to Happen in Manchester This Sunday

After the British sex-workers protested by facesitting last December against the banning of several sexual acts, they’ve decided to stage a mass spanking.

About two months ago, around a hundred British citizens, most of them sex workers, came in front of the Parliament Palace in order to protest, by facesitting, against censorship. The law-makers banned from porn industry an entire list of sexual acts. People revolted and in return, they sit on their partner’s face, in public, singing Monty Python’s Sit on My face, in an attept to stage the largest facesitting in history.

I’ve discussed at that time with Charlotte Rose, sex worker and political campaigner, about free expression and censorship in a small interview for the first issue of Cultartes Magazine.

“The only way we can make a difference it to try, voices need to grow and then we can be heard. Free speech, sexual expression and personal liberties have been affected by this and no one has that right to do that without our consent. Politicians use the excuse it’s to protect the children. Correct education in schools is what will protect the children”, she explained to me.



Thing is, Charlotte and the other activists received global support from the last protest and met up with the liberal democrats to discuss what can be done. The protesters came to the conclusion that a single public manifestation isn’t enough to make a real statement. The 2nd protest to come is will happen on the 1st of March at Sackville Gardens, Manchester at 12:00when the activists will be attempting the largest spanking session.

“Charlotte will be giving her speech amongst others on the 1st of March to raise awareness about the challenges against sexual freedom”, the activists announce.


And, of course, this one won’t be the last. Charlotte Rose and the gang will get through all the list of banned sex acts. “There will be 3 more protests happening this year, on the 15th in Berlin, 5th April in Birmingham (mass canning) and the 3rd of May in Brighton  (mass whipping attempt).” 

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Romanian self-taught writer, based in Cyprus, interested in contemporary art, unconventional culture and gonzo journalism. Writing for almost a decade, he is agnostic, supports a censorship-free society and reads way less than he wants.

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