Marilyn Manson’s New Video Made Me Go Wow

The song Say10 from the Heaven Upside Down album by Marylin Manson, now has a video. His close friend, Johnny Depp, is perfectly playing his role in this piece too. Surrounded by nearly naked women and Manson’s craziness, of course. And they play it so good it makes you question who’s the God and who’s the Devil?
Being just 5 days younger, the song gave our brains some time to absorb the lyrics and now the new video lets our eyes follow the nonconformist path Manson shows us. It’s a less brutal song if it comes to his singing voice, but it compensates with the explicit content and the visuals he gives us in the video, making it so NSFW. Johnny Depp abuses some kind of provocative and controlling personality and he makes it look as easy as counting to 10, but it gets more graphic than that. Just another crazy night between friends, but we shouldn’t worry though. 
 “The shots you will hear are from a mouth disguised as a gun. Don’t call this art. This is a hard cock in a room full of vampires and the music, man. The music is My foul blood on your faces.” said Manson about his newest piece.
Their work is also pretty metaphorical here and there, almost making fun of how serious some problems are. 
But I won’t give out my ideas. You have to check it out and get your own, right here:

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