Mariana Castro and Her Beautifully Captured Images Project to Your Inner Pain

Mariana Castro is born on a cold day of November in Lisbon, Portugal. She’s a photographer and filmmaker who studied PhD in Communication and Art at New University. Her images are just perfect to watch on a lazy, rainy, gloomy Sunday when your bed and your blanket become your warm shelter.

There are many things that made me crazy mad about her works. Or is it me who loves everything about these powerful tones and combinations. I came to the point where things started to feel emotional to the bone, where light talks for itself and beautiful captured black and white photographs are strongly projected to my inner pain as they really should. So I guess that’s what it takes for me and my emotions to consider when a picture it’s awesome and when not.

All images: (c) Mariana Castro

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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my Chinese eyes. I love romance. Cartoons and music. Cultartes. Hate fish roe. From the bottom of my heart.

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