Motorpsycho is a band from Trondheim, Norway. You’re already smiling, aren’t you? Well, this is a progressive/psyhedelic rock since ’89. In other words, while we were preparing to overthrow an atrocious party, the northerners created complicated music. Yet, they considered visiting us and present some classy rock music. Not to mention that they recently released an album titled “The Tower”. This is going to be a total show and some instrumental techniques to bend you over.

Methadone Skies completes this line-up and this complicated musical atmosphere with a special show. What this means? Well, if you’re not sure just go and take a look! We know for a fact that Timișoara based band were able to create a memorable appearance every time they had the chance to, their music remained imprinted on the eardrums and memory. For this show, they will be opening with a special live set, all new songs.

Both bands will perform in Timișoara and it’s a collaboration between R:EVOL:UTION Festival, Haywire Booking and Reflektor Venue. Tickets are available at Viniloteca, Reflektor Venue and Cărturești

You can find more info on official page of event.