Madeline: “Anything That Makes My Eye Sparkle is My Muse”

Madeline is a self-taught photographer who inspires from your reality and thoughts. This is Madalina Chilici for you, whose pictures are nothing but emotional statements. There is extraordinary silence and unknown theory behind the characters; take a look and be inspired.

Hello Madeline, and thank you for interest in this interview. Can you start off by telling us a bit about yourself?

I have been flirting with photography for a few years already. I had a period in which I gave up being behind the camera and I stepped in front of it – it felt so natural that I stayed there for a couple of years. After this break, one day I decided to go back to being behind the camera, and I am glad I did it, as now I am different than my first time, have new and fresh energy and ideas for my film photography.

In short some more things about me: I like mornings, I eat an avocado every day, during the summer I like to ride my skate (especially at night under the starry sky), and in my tote bag you will always find  an analog camera and something sweet to eat.

What does photography has to offer to you?

More attention to details, I can develop form negativies, meditation & creativity. It offers me the chance to capture on my film roles memories that will be there forever. It also offers me the chance of being my true self all the time.

It seems that your photographs are created in a way that is both deliberate and incidental. What do you think about this and what are your techniques?

My eyes are my best techniques! My film loves imperfections. When you take a photograph on film you create something – and is all in the hands and in the eyes. What you caught on film is caught forever, and that’s magic for me! Sometimes I don’t focus anymore on the settings, just on being truly in the moment. Everything that is shot with my camera is real, and raw after developing the picture. All natural, baby!

How do you get the person, place or thing that is in front of the camera onto the film in just the way you want?

Not every time it goes as I wish, and I like this and motivates me in a way. I like this suspense that film photography offers to me, in which each frame is a surprise. I like discovering new places and people – this is how I have diversification in my pictures.

What do you think are some clichés in street photography you steer away from yourself?

I believe the main cliche in street photography is that people try to capture these perfect, symmetric images, that in the end makes them look staged and unnatural.

On the streets everything is spontaneous and unpredictable, after every corner you can discover something new, a new character, a new decor – I see the world in my own unique way and I try to rise above the cliché.

What technology, software or camera gear do you use to keep focused on what you do best?

Thanks to dear people close to me, people that appreciate my passion for analog cameras, I ended up to have an impressive collection of analog cameras, with which I juggle. Most of my cameras come from vintage markets or from my friends’ families heirlooms. For each occasion I have a different favorite camera: when I travel I prefer to have with me my Canon Eos 500; my Cannon AF35ML (which is broken for the most part) has been with me to every party for the last 3 years; when I walk through the city I experiment with my Vilia & my Smena 8 (which was also my first analog camera). In the last week I also took out after a very long time, a Zorki 4. I love that every single film and camera does something different.

The muse is an integral aspect of an artist’s work. Who are your muses in life?

My muse can change from day to day. My muses are the random people that I see on the street – today a child playing can be my muse, tomorrow an old lady crossing the street. Anything that make my eye sparkle in a day is my muse.

Capture us a photo of a day in the life of Madalina Chilici! How do you balance the solitude of an artist?

I do not feel solitude as I am always surrounded by so many things caught on my camera. Wandering the streets, surrounded by people that can turn into picture characters make me discover more and more beautiful things about myself and learn about my own passions, and then I can share my works with all of you.

Next one might seem odd, but what role would you play in the Holy Bible?

Jesus’ crush!

The soundtrack of your photos would sound like…

From ghettos to galaxies.

What is one question nobody has ever asked you, that you wish they asked you?

I am the type of person that likes deep and weird conversations with various type of people, people that ask me all the things I want and the things I do not want.

All photos: (c) Madeline

Featured imaged: (c) Chris Devour

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