Lupu Marius X Marina Diana: Last Summer Days (Exclusive)

Romanian freelance artist, photographer, Cultartes partner and hip-hopper Lupu Marius splits his activities between music, urban architecture photography, visual diary snapshots and kinky, raw portraits. Marius captures an intimate moment, placing the woman so beautifully and presenting her most delicate features. He’ll take you on a lunatic journey, from his choice of set designs, to dreamy portraiture, posing of the model or enchanting tones.

I followed Marina’s work for a long time now and I’ve always dreamed about working together. Being a professional model and collaborating with suck renowned artists, I kinda hezitated talking to her. I reckon I had no idea how to deal with this situation, but everything went pretty natural and the result excites me the most.

Model: Marina Diana

Find Marina’s work on: Instagram

All copyrights: Lupu Marius

Find Marius’s work on: Behance | Instagram

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