Luo Yang And The Unusual Subversive Face Of China’s Female Youth

Luo Yang is a promising young photographer from Beijing living and working in Shanghai. She started photographing when she was in university in 2007 and we know she has been interested in film images since she was a little kid. In 2012, Ai Weiwei designated her one of the “rising stars of Chinese photography” (New Statesman). She has had exhibitions all over China and participated in major shows in Europe, amongst them Ai Weiwei’s “FUCK OFF 2” at the Groninger Museum, Netherlands, in 2013. In her work, highly staged portraits and carefully constructed poses alternate with a raw, blurred snapshot-aesthetic.

“I consider sexy to be healthy and fearless.”

The girls that Luo Yang photographs are natural, youthful and at times awkward. 

“By shooting them, I understood their life better and it made my own world bigger and wider. We might have different values and world views, but what we have in common are a fragility and braveness inside of us. We face the world with our sincerity.”

In the future, she says she will continue to work on her Girls series adding new ideas and trying different directions. She is looking forward to collaborating with other artists that could lead to interesting results.

All images (c) Luo Yang

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