(Exclusive) Thy Veils Releases New Outworldly Video – ‘In Brightness’

Considering their musical approach and appearance, Thy Veils manages to detach from this world. “In Brightness” is the fourth story born from and for “Neoradiant”; it’s a new chapter, a new video.

Hmm…it sounds rather grotesque to name it a video based on what this visual exploration actually represents. But yes, it’s another way of seeing things, watching your inwards somehow coming from the Above. It sounds complicated. I know. It’s hard to explain Thy Veils’s essence.

However, I’ll try to make things easier for you; “In Brightness” transmits a cosmic joy through its composition. How? Well, look behind your eyes (just stay with me on this). Just watch, memorize what you’re about to see and close your eyes. You’ll notice other eyes will open. Take a look into this new world and discover yourself as the Universal one!

Thy Veils turns increasingly into one of those mythological creatures you keep hearing about, except here you’ll hear somewhere in the future. I don’t know; it’s more like a creature looking for Beauty and the Universe light. It keeps searching for it and try to convey.

Please image the music as a soundtrack that complements this film. There are many opportunities in feeling. “Try one!”, one seems to whisper in an encoded message. Imagine you’re light and your soul contains millions of stars; your heart is replaced by a Sun and you become the Beauty itself. Then return to real world, open your eyes, share the joy, be your own Universe. Discover yourself, the Universal one!

Daniel Dorobantu captures the sound in its most intimate moments, when it’s pure and authentic and he offers a worldly-like look through this electro-acoustic instruments. Alira Mun‘s ethereal voice comes in addition to this strange, yet familiar figure.

“In Brightness” is a journey placed somewhere between real and dream, a creation of a quantum anatomy, so to speak. You’ll be carried with the power and the flash of a lightning fallen into the wild so you can’t tell exactly if you’re the lightning or the wild. Everything is based on light and to understand what kind of light I’m speaking about, try to leave your rules and “laws” somewhere else. Enter the infinity, set your mind free, get rid of yourself and become universal.

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