Lucia’s Newest Song “FRTHR” Brings Out a Sense of Melancholy

Lucia, or by her full name, Lucia Maria Popescu is a Romanian singer who recently released a new song titled FRTHR. Her long-awaited return has come with a great impact on public, whilst she sounds more confident and ambitious as well. This happens to be such a challenging and appealing piece that literally succeeded to enter my brain cells and create a warm and cozy shelter of its own.

When I was listening to FRTHR for the first time today I was pleasantly impressed by Lucia’s voice timber. I actually started to play all of her songs on YouTube over and over again becoming madly in love with her soft opera-style voice. Therefore, we have three minutes of sorrowful music that has powerful lyrics and a fascinating voice. I’d call this to be an exciting composition that brings out a sense of melancholy.

Photo by Anya Dimitrov

The crisp and intense combination of the lyrics and Lucia’s expressions behold a certain musical maturity, quite hard to achieve in Romania nowadays. It’s one of the most beautiful written song I’ve listened to in a while; it has everything you need. The emotive and dense instrumentation is a plus to this outstanding work. Needless to say that as a listener, I had the feeling she focuses more on creating memorable moments and moods than songs; this could be the reason why she officially gained my soul. Only words of praise so I’d better let you listen!

Anya Dimitrov – director, editor
Ivanov Vladimir – lights, camera
Iulia Pop – mise en scene
Malvina Ișfan MakeUp Artist – MUA
Audio produced by Alexei TurcanRobert Iulian & Dan Georgescu @ UNDA Recording
Label: Global Records
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