Love, Sex and Rock’n’Photo

Maxime Ballesteros was born in Lyon, France. He is more than a talented artist, he’s a kind of a rockstar of photography world. His works abound of naturalness and they are as an attraction in a game with kinky insinuations. Since 2007, Maxime lives in Berlin where, he also had a series of exhibitions with quite some impact.

In an inteview for Dazed, Maxime explains, somehow,  why sexuality is a crucial element in his works:

“I’m not sure whether my photos are actually that sexual. I never show an image on its own, it has to be in a dialogue with and bounce off other pictures. I’m driven by everyday situations. Yesterday night at 4am I was riding my bike back home and came across this guy – doing some sort of slave thing I guess – walking around the neighbourhood in a latex bodysuit, high heels and a gas mask, carrying a red rose. I was on my way back from a crowded bar further south, where girls and boys were twerking and sweating – we live in a very sexualised world.”

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