Livia Fălcaru And Her Bizarre Representations Of The Human Psyche

Joining our collection of artists with amazing works is the Romanian artist Livia Fălcaru. Bucharest- based, she is currently studying graphic design and she’s mainly focused on illustration. Livia has found her niche’ within the artworld by focusing her talents on creating works in the idea of finding beauty where no one else can. I reckon I imagined this beauty out of space, it’s mindblowing, full of stardust and senses. Peaceful, dreamy illustrations, aiming to best express her feelings. She wanted to be an artist since she was 12, so the moment her teacher discovers her talent started the whole journey as an inspiring artist.

It’s always so excited to see such talent, so fineness while creating surreal, romantic pieces of art. It gives me shivers while watching her art, it’s like a fever you’ll never want to get rid of. Livia made me spend hours and hours on her Tumblr page, always wanted to look for more. But who’s to blame? Is the spirit found in her photos and animations? Or maybe the deliberate use of colors and lines to create a specific tender and fanciful piece.


“I am really attracted to bizarre representations of the human psyche, which usually makes me add a dark vibe to almost any work I create. Most of my characters portray a very absent look or they seem to be isolated in their inner world.”

Livia is mostly inspired by the darker side of the human psyche and blends vibrant colors with dark tones of blue and dark. She collaborated with a well known publisher for illustrating a book and she actually did a mural for a showroom in Bucharest. Let’s also mention the quotes she uses in some of her pieces, strongly pointing the message she wants to convey.

All images (c) Livia Fălcaru

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