Listen To ‘Khwaab’, The New Album of Aswekeepsearching, Indian Post-Rock Band

Warning! This is gold! Aswekeepsearching is an experimental, post-rock band based in India (Ahmedabad). I listened to their new EP ‘Khwaab‘ in the morning, as I always do with new albums, and it went perfectly with the sunrise and the fog. Shortly, their music is like a soundtrack from non-characters movies, like Samsara. Or drone footages.

“Aswekeepsearching’s music has always had a sense of ‘otherness’ to it”, the band states on the official website. “An amalgamation of electronic, ambient and post-rock styles, their work has been difficult to pin down from the very beginning”. With a complex mixture of sounds and atmosphere, the four members of the project bring to our lives a beautiful piece of the oriental world, as we don’t see it very often.

'Khwaab' Album Cover

‘Khwaab’ Album Cover

The debut full-length album ‘Khwaab’ is, as the title itself says, a day-dreaming experience (‘khwab’ means ‘dream’ in Urdu). The 11 tracks on the album tell a story about dreams, life, nature and mankind’s journey from obscurity to reality.  Or, how the members perfectly say, “a sparkling piece of melody that meets groove euphoria”.

Listen and purchase ‘Khwaab’ on Bandcamp. Visit the band’s website and follow it on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Photo: Band’s website

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