Lisa Smit and The Beauty of Everyday Moments

So here I am enjoying some spare time and actually being capable of looking for some inspirational photographs. After weeks of dealing with the Romanian system of buying a house and then redecorating it, I’m lying here in my bed, letting myself dive into the magic world of Lisa Smit‘s photography. She is a self-taught photographer and film enthusiast from the Netherlands. Lisa observes and portrays the beauty of everyday moments, most of the time being inspired by nature, human body and traveling.

Published in Lomograghy, KALTBLUT Magazine or Sun of a Gun Magazine and exhibited in Rotterdam and London, Lisa’s images are just lovely and touching. No wonder I spend hours staring at her work and I don’t quite know how to say what I felt. While my heart was filled up with joy and excitement, my brain kept shouting about an inside pain I had no idea it existed in the first place. Maybe it was the urge for visiting new places. Still can’t tell.

All images: (c) Lisa Smit

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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my Chinese eyes. Hate fish roe. From the bottom of my heart.

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