Let Faunlet’s New “Grey Magic” Video Grow in Your Head

Faunlet is a young Romanian post/alternative/darkgaze band formed in Bucharest. It’s actually a new and pretty interesting concept to me. I haven’t heard of Peter’s project till recently when he kindly contacted us in order to watch his video. What I liked the most was the gloomy, intense and powerful voice. It slowly makes you enter into this strange, captivating world, allowing the viewers to place this video in their most hidden, intimate feelings. Just as I did.

Grey magic will transport us
To the end of the world
Where we will stand before an endless sea

Grey Magic” makes me consider about Normotone‘s “Clenched and Bloodless“; it’s mostly the same dark atmosphere but with new black and white elements and pretty magnificient lyrics. In the end is Peter’s voice that make me insane, while the lyrics’ kind of depress me and haunt me as fuck. Though Faunlet is not getting as much attention as they deserve, I’m feeling confident about them; I feel like everything fits here. The drumming, the guitars, the motifs, the chemistry between the band members, the film…it’s like I live in a weird cosmic dream. And Peter is brilliant in this video; the way he moves and he poses, his make-up.. all in all, a match made in heaven! Get this and let it grow in your head. If it feels out of place, that’s good, you’ll appreciate the little details in due time.

Video filmed and edited by Cristina Costea, produced by Peter, Cristina, Cornelia and Mihai.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Vladimir Ivanov at BlueCat Studio.

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