Let Yourself Be Absorbed in Meditation With “Waiting for You” Video by Fine, It’s Pink

Can you hear me? Don’t want to hide anymore
I was so reckless to think that I had it all

“Waiting for you” is a new, dreamy vision which defines us all. After a good deal of research I have to reckon, I still know little about Fine, It’s Pink, but I guess that’s OK for me. After all, is the mystery behind the music that adds emotion; I’ve been stoned with their new “Waiting for you” single. The concept of their music is pretty much the same; you’ll sense some dreamlike pop elements which brings something fresh. This surreal sound will absorb you in meditation or at least consider the thought. It has the ability to take you on a journey, it transcends and takes you even further, out towards the beyond.

I came back from a distant dream
to drown myself in your arms
to let the pain be my bliss

The song is nicely written, structured wonderfully and the recording is well executed. Ioana Lefter is simply stunning in this video, it makes you watch this over and over again. Don’t miss the fact she also wrote these lyrics. The surroundings suit perfectly with the mood. I could go on to describe this song in detail but it would be redundant at this point; if you’re looking for some real and sincere emotion conveyed in your music this is what you should be listening to.

This the first release from their debut album that will be available to all of you starting with the end of April. The music video was directed by Iustin Surpanelu and mastered by Marius Costache.

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