Laura Makabresku’s Work Torments My Brains Out

Laura Makabresku‘s ethereal photographs explore the finest feelings, the scenery is one of a breathtaking beauty and I feel like dying. It breaks my soul, the tragic gets under my nails and sprouts my heart. The one feeling that torments me. Laura Makabresku torments me. My hands are freezing and I suffer out loud. I struggle to warm up, to survive. The way I fight for hope and tenderness is like chasing the clouds. The sexuality of these photos, the strenght makes me born again, to forget the whole meaning of life and to endure the pure act of love. A poem. Laura Makabresku‘ s poem! Where there is repulsion, isolation, pain, fear! Where here is love, tenderness, calmness, silence!

I am divided into millions of pieces, into billions of wishes, waiting for my drug. The right description for my every time I see Laura’s works. She’s my drug. My fairytale I’ve dreamt about since I was a child! Transforming the whole concept of art trough differents states of mind!

She’s the fear I am scared the most! The fear I see in every picture, the one that first caught my attention to details. It lasts seconds and hours, till I see what’s like to face death. I imagine how must sound death for the Polish artist, something brainstorming, where the cold and the void fulfill their mission. It’s about the emptiness that pierces your soul every time you suffer.

I think Laura’s work is the wildest dream we all want to a part of. I wish there could be a soundtrack for all of her photos, to encourage the perfect state of mind. Maybe this way we all could understand the message she wants to convey.

“My [photographs] are like screenshots from beautiful but cruel fairy tales. Their narrations are not straight. Images that appear are more like feelings that come during a lecture of an old folk-based story – full of witchcrafts and retributions. The structure of my works is similar to the structure of a dream where natural tendencies of collecting and organizing impulses and motivations coincide with irrational clashes of objects and feelings. Isolation and wounds are closed into patterns, uneasy and artificial orders – visual spells created in order to divide beastliness from humanity and dreams from horror.” (Source)

Yes, it’s frozen! My ideas, my souls, my body can’t move, can’t risk, can’t love and can’t dream. Fear chains me! See what’s like following her work here.

All images (c) Laura Makabresku

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