Lamps Made of Human Artificial Paper Skin, by Luminish

OK, it’s not exactly human skin, but rather “an epidermis of said and unsaid words”. I reckon you probably are still in the dark, so here it goes the full explanation. Or, at least what I understood. Luminish is a handmade paper atelier organized by the Association of Kraftsmen Order, in partnership with the National Museum of the Romanian Peasan. The launch event took place almost a week ago, with a project called “Body of letter. Body of book. Body of enlightenment”. More about it here.


The craftsmen use the human body as a support for paper making. This paper becomes, in a funny way, a second-skin, which is kind of a symbolic map of the words inside us. The paper is used for lamps covering, because the light (and also the enlightenment!) is making the process of reading the unwritten words easier. “Everybody carries inside a text. Through body molding, we transform paper into a second skin, sticking in and out of time. An epidermis of said and unsaid words, a map of questions and answers, a book from outwards inwards. The body of book brought into light becomes the illumination body which eases the reading of the text.”





The whole thing is basically a paper making workshop, but the idea and the concept is worth to check it out! 

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