Lady Schnaps Combines Feminine Sexuality With Snapshots of History Frozen in Time

Noemi P aka Lady Schnaps is a freelance photographer based in Lyon, Paris and Nancy. She is really passionate in combining feminine sexuality with urban exploration. Using sadly abandoned places as backgrounds, she tells beautiful stories regarding the connection between human body and these snapshots of history frozen in time. There is something both enchanting and striking about these places she visits. Whether it’s a church or a plane, each photograph sympathizes with the idea of perpetual aesthetics.

I do reckon whenever I pass near places on such a regular basis I barely even notice them. I think that’s what I like the most about her photographs, Lady Schnaps seeks for a surprising atmosphere. If sometimes I find these places rather scary, she exerts a powerful, beautiful effect. There is no need to mention about tones, lightning and other things alike. Just let yourself be absorbed by these marvelous images.

All images: (c) Lady Schnaps


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