“Labyrinth” by White Cube Has the Right Amount of Ambience and Post-Rock

White Cube is a so-called secret side project from the creators of musicformessier and Eensdenkend. I’m here writing this because of a recommendation and I must confess White Cube music fits perfectly my mood. Released on January 16, this psychedelic ambient/post-rock makes me escape from this ordinary, misplaced galaxy. Irony or not, these seven songs describe the best my state of being private and just enjoy several days of peace and seclusion. The name of the songs are a continuous play, from Corridor I, II and III to Escape I, II and III; and this ends to a Labyrinth. With nice shoegaze elements, you’ll hear a lot of instruments while listening, but every single tone is played on guitar. You won’t feel present in a place, at an occasion or as part of something; Labyrinth makes you forget about all of these things. It makes you a non-existent human being.

Mastered by Kalamár Ádám, throughout the album you might notice a sort of theme. The music itself is a game; they blend the right amount of ambience and post-rock for such an intense emotion that go hand in hand to a detrimental loss. While the instrumentation and the structure are solid, the band sounds really mature, everything is remarkably well done and you all should be taking White Cube into consideration. It seems to be an already massive year for post-rock.

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