“Kusturician” Documentary about Romanian “Heigh-Ho!” Rural Society Will Be Released Next Week

Heirupist is a Romanian artificial word which describes the character of a person who takes part in a team and does nothing but pretending to work with the others. It comes from the interjection hei-rup! (en. heigh-ho! or ahoy!). This word suits inarguably the idea of “Tătă lumea din comuna noastră” (en. All The People From Our Village).

“Tătă lumea din comuna noastră” is a documentary shot in Iași (Romania) in 2013. The project is produced by Iosif Prodan and directed by Marius Mitrofan (Addarta), both of them co-founders of Ratio Films. After almost two years of struggle, the film will finally meet the audience. The premiere event is set on Friday, May 22 at the Addarta studio.

Plot: The feature documentary depicts the construction of a park in the heart of Voinești, a village near Iași. Everything seems to fall apart when the villagers (who co-worked with the architect in the first place) start to fight between each other from nothing – neighbour’s “dead goat” kind of issues. The hopelessness of bringing the whole project to a happy ending is the background used by the filmmakers to tell us a story where the rural and urban melt together with traditions and Romanian native colorful character.

Artwork by Adrian Serghie

Artwork by Adrian Serghie

As I remember saying after I’ve seen the first trailer, the documentary is most likely abound in the influences of Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica (Black Cat, White Cat) of showing realities and actual serious facts in a dark-humorous way, with tragic-comic characters whose ignorant existence is disturbed by innovation.


This black comedy thing induced to the documentary is probably Marius Mitrofan’s touch, who used the same atitude in making the “Happy in Iași” parody, after seeing people from cities around the world pooping rainbows in idiotic music-videos featuring Pharrell’s useless track. Marius chose to point out once again the shallowness of human kind, whose individuals jump around like stupid while their neighbours eat from dumpsters and sleep on the streets.

More info here.

Photo concept by Adrian Serghie. Photos via Addarta.

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