Knut Van Brijs Resurrects Dada In These Randomized Paper Collages

Cultartes Magazine features Semir Avdić (aka Knut Van Brijs) a 32 years old Sarajevo-based visual artist who combines different materials (mostly paper) in order to create specific and meaningful images. Influenced by artists like Tristan Tzara or Hannah Hoech, Semir brings Dada back to life. The past is the future, according to his motto: “I am looking forward what future can bring!”.

For Semir, art is more than a hobby. “Is a space where all my hidden corners of mind find their realization of ideas I got for my collages. Is like one of a kind place I find as my sanctuary, place for the escapism at the end of the day”.



"Bosnia random daily"

“Bosnia random daily”

Many of his artworks cast the light on his personal world. A world in a state of perpetual repetition. “I try to reflect the environment I’m in”, Semir told us. “So, is social-art, I guess”. Although he is working hard to resurrect Dada, the riot art of the `20s never really died. It kept living in everything: in the coffee cup from the table, the book from the shelf, the dildo from the drawer. The most random objects, all put together, become dada. That’s why the bosnian artist is using more than paper to illustrate his existance. “I try to make dada art expressing it trough collages combining it with many materials, mostly paper, but recently I used a pan from my kitchen so I could make a installation”.



"Clarissa on my mind"

“Clarissa on my mind”

So, what Knut van Brijs wants to express through his Dada collages, after all? “I want others to see how everything in life is not all black and white. I want them to see how we are not stereotypes, to try to give them a different picture”.



“When I started before I had a hard to find out what I really want to do. I simply took some old magazines and started to cut and paste faces and bodies. I think I am still emerging artist. All I know, I’m making a lot of mess”. Well, aren’t we all, Semir?

Check out more artworks on Behance and Facebook.

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