Klimt: Sex Sells Well, No Matter the Century

I am not even going to mention the titles that sell so well in nowadays’ cinemas and bookstores. You all know what I’m talking about. If not, let me give you a hint: it’s all about kinky sex. Yes, the dark side of eroticism, those taboo’s we’re interested in and yet want to keep them undisclosed, as they’re condemned by society in most of the cases. If sex still shocks you in the 2015, you can imagine the effect these scenes could have had a few centuries ago.

If E.L. James didn’t really catch my attention with all those shades of clichés and misogynistic ideas, Gustav Klimt definitely captivated my centers of arousal with his paintings!

This Austrian artist of the 19th century, a pioneer of Symbolism and Art Nouveau, used to say that all art is erotic. Well, his art definitely is! His favorite subject seemed to be the woman. The woman, in all her carnal voluptuosity, breaking all sorts of boundaries.

Water Serpents

Water Serpents

Titles like “The friends”, “Danae” and “Beethoven Frieze”, along with a series of erotic drawings, are all centered on controversial poses. They’re all about exposing the beauty of foreplay and erotic dreams and games.

I invite you to taste the whips and lashes of the 19th century’s Klimt, which are definitely more tasteful and rich in orgasms than today’s Shades. What’s even more interesting is that he had no legal problems because of his controversial art, while authorities of the present day seem to have a fetish for restricting the way we should enjoy pleasure and pain in the bedroom (see UK porn laws for instance).


Photos: www.genius.com

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