Our Kids Are Growing Up. Andreea Goes to London

Andreea Andrei is one of the artists we feel in love to and let ourselves captured in her spirit. But let’s not make out of this a cheesy love story. Mihaela is about to present her new Polaroid project in two exhibitions, in Bucharest and in London, UK, on July 21. That makes us really proud, both as friends and fellows. But let see what’s with this project! She says: “It’s a project with people and about people. It’s a simple way of trying to understand the human race. I’m trying to get to know people better by photographing them in a relaxed environment, one of their choosing.” So, it’s an anthropological study as seen through the lens. And…did I mentioned it?! The exhibition is in London!

Baldo: Howdy! You have returned to us, but this time you’ve decided to blow our minds away. How this London exhibition feels like? Is there a sort of rockstar feeling? Frankly, I would have it…

Andreea: Hey, hey! Well, to be honest, I feel a lot of anxiety and pressure. And I think that I really don’t know what’s happening to me. Really, I still don’t process this at 100%. (laugh)

What can there be seen in the connection with human nature through the lens and the eye can’t capture?

The connection it can be the fact that, that moment photographed will live forever, even though after the photograph was captured the entire set can change or it can disappear.

Don’t you think it’s too late for an artistic act or any action alike to change something in this society; that society that seems to try to climb the man back into the tree?

It’s never too late to change something in this world. Even after that artistic act was made and seen, it can still leave marks, on a soul, mind and so on.

Is this technology more alert and taken to the extreme, something so harmful? Would we chat anymore if we ought to send letters and stuff?

I’m old school, like very old school. I still use a pen and I still read a book. I think in a way this technology it’s making us more full with anxiety and more lonely. It is alert, and I think in 10-20 years we will download food of the internet.

What famous artist would you like to meet and talk to at your own exhibition?

I would love to see Vivienne Westwood and Shia LaBeouf. But that’s on my dreams. (laugh)

How would the strangest place for an exhibition would look like?

An abandoned asylum. I would like to do an exhibition in this kind of a place.

In the end, I propose a little game of imagination. If you manage to give a great success, and a person named Romania would show up to ask to share your success with her, what would you tell?

I would tell her something like this, I thank you that you’re the place where I was born, but uhm, everything I have done till this day, I done it myself, without some effort from your side. You spitted me like a stump and that was enough. I acknowledge my roots and where I’m coming from but I don’t want this to be put like, “oh I want to thank my country and bla bla” because if it wasn’t her I wasn’t here, or something like that. It disappointed me, even though sometimes I feel like turning back and give up on this dream and take a corporate and boring job and just stay in a que and have a baby and that’s it. But I remind myself that, yes, I do have Bucharest and Romania, and yes I can go every time I want. But don’t know if I will ever return back like… Okay… let’s move back and do what I do now. Trying to be an artist in the real sense of the word.

We forgot how a real analogue photography looks or smells like and how many emotions we can live, how many memories we can recall from a physical photograph, now we just posess huge stocks of digital memories, which may disappear in the blink of an eye. 

We shouldn’t fade in technology, we shouldn’t lose our humanity, I think it’s our duty to take care of that. I think analogue photography is a part of that. 

More details here: Polaroid Project. Instant People

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