Just fools can regret this! Interview Matti from Baulta (FIN)

Baldo, Cultartes: Hello, Matti! I would describe Baulta music as an ethereal world created through the poetic imagination, a majestic place capable to illuminate the entire Universe. As if there is no home, no human being at all, this pure music reveals a new existence we all can be a part of it. How do see your music, as a feeling, as a whole?

Matti, Baulta: I personally feel that music shouldn’t be described too much by words or pictures etc. Because doing so you’re putting too narrow frames for such a big thing. As far as I’m concerned music shouldn’t have any boundaries or puritanical principles. For example one song can make you cry today, but tomorrow it will make you smile.

Your recent album is called “Any Fool Can Regret Yesterday”. Do you think the past (yesterday, to be precisely) is a place where we shouldn’t look back?

The title “Any Fool Can Regret Yesterday” can refer to many things. To summarize, it might mean that people should learn from their mistakes rather than let them be a burden in their lives. It is so much easier to dive into self-pity, when you’ve fucked up something. But trying to find alternative ways to do things and avoid repeating yourself, will certainly be more rewarding in the end.



Finland compared to your music is a cold country. Considering this report, what brings this pleasant feeling, this heat, into your compositions?

I think most of the songs don’t have any kind of masterplan. There’s the basic structure present all the time in the process, but the final result is usually ready after numerous hours of sweating and endless search for the best solutions in sounds or length of the song parts etc. You can imagine that this can be really frustrating process. But if somebody hears “the heat” in our songs, so probably then we have done something right, although it might not seem like that, when we’re recording.

We know that your country (generally that area) is a major exporter, so to speak, to metal music. What made you choose the post-rock? Is there any artist or band that influenced you decisively?

My first awakening towards this kind of music happened, when I heard Sigur Ros for the first time. At first it sounded really weird, but there was something in their music, which made me listen their songs over and over again. And then one day their music just blew my mind and the rest is history. They are also the best live band nowadays.

When did you felt that the world began to know you and to appreciate the music you create? Was there a turning point in the band’s history that we can talk about?

We’re been that we have been so fortunate to gain ourselves so many listeners. We never expected anything like this to happen. The amounts of listeners have raised on every release steadily, which is nice. Also I think that the most important turning point in our bands history is happening right now. We have some options figured out how we’re going to proceed towards the future as a band.

In what location you would seem to fit perfectly a Baulta concert? I refer either to places in nature, festivals or from other space. Personally, I think that your music creates a world torn from other Universes.

It is hard to say, what would be the perfect concert place for us. But I think that in the end it doesn’t matter so much, where you perform, as long as you’re in a right mood and there’s a good chemistry between the band and the audience.

What other type of art can be related with your music?

Maybe some cinematic art forms are the perfect match for our music.

For someone who, hypothetically, would begin to listen to music tomorrow, what albums would you recommend them to start? Going on the tastes and how they influenced you, obviously.

If somebody starts to listen music right now for the first time, I would recommend listening wide range of music and not just one or two genre. Be brave to try new things and support the little bands.

Is music your main passion? Do you have other hobbies, major or naive, that you can talk about? I’m thinking of something like cooking or amateur sports or movies and photography… you know.

Obviously music and everything what comes along it, is my priority number one, when talking about hobbies. Besides music I try to travel as much as I can. And I’ve also been to Romania couple of times in the following places: Bucharest, Brasov, Sinaia, Sighisoara and Arad.



Besides what bands or artists, not necessary instrumental/post-rock, you would see yourselves collaborating with or even in a tour?

I can’t name a certain band, which I’d like to tour with. But it doesn’t matter what kind of music they play, as long as they’re bunch of good lads or girls.

Jyväskylä, your hometown is definitely a special place for you. For those of us who don’t know so much about this place, can you recommend us some attractions?

Jyväskylä is the birthplace of famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, so if you’re into that, then this city can offer you something. Also here are lakes and forests, so if you are into nature, you will certainly find something suitable things to do.

Do you think music can be, out of passion, a way of living behind which you can build a future? From a financial standpoint, of course.

I think in our country and with our music, you can’t build a future. Building a future with music nowadays is hard everywhere, which is a shame.

Let’s play an imagination game. Is there something about Romania that would make you visit this country or even live here? A particular dish, place or even girls. One says that the Romanian girls arethe most beautiful from Europe.

Like I said I’ve been to Romania couple of times, and I’ve been trying to get to know your culture a little bit. I have to say that Romania is a really interesting country. I especially like the Carpathians and the nature in there. Also food, wine and beers are great. And of course Tuica…

Is there any chance to see Baulta in a concert in Romania or even through this European area? Or, perhaps, you could tell us what plans do you have for 2015?!

We would love to do gigs all around the world, but because we all have day jobs and we have to make a living somehow, so the touring becomes quite hard to organize. At the moment making records is the best we can do, but you never know what might happen in the future…

The vinyl version of “Any Fool Can Regret Yesterday” is going to be released next wednesday. Stay tuned!

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